Who Am I?

I am a freshly minted idealistic college graduate embarking on one of the most terrifying journeys of my life. For the next three years, I will be a Mission Intern with the United Methodist Church. The first 18 months of my service was in Brazil with the Projeto Sombra e Agua Fresca (Project Shade and Fresh Water) working with children ages 6-14 years old. The final 18 months of my service is in Billings, MT with Family Support Network working with families whose children have been removed by child protective services.

This blog was created partially to indulge my narcissistic, navel-gazing tendencies and partially to share my journey with the folks back home. I’m embarking on something awesome and I want you, dear readers, to be there with me. Because I can’t bring you with me (I imagine most of you are over my 60lb weight limit…), I am going to share what I can on this blog. Sometimes what I share will be funny, sometimes heartbreaking, but I solemnly swear that it will always be at least a little interesting.

The name of my blog comes from the “If You Give a Moose a Muffin” books where if you give a moose a muffin he’ll want jam on it and cue craziness and unintentional consequences that follow. In the same way, give a girl a passport and craziness will follow. My first passport allowed me to visit Honduras for 2 weeks in the fifth grade. That trip changed me. It planted the seeds of a passion for social justice and international awareness that are starting to blossom.


3 responses to “Who Am I?

  1. At the end of this thing called life you will remember most the lives you have saved. Both literally and figurativly. The suicides you have prevented. You will remember the good advice that was offered and accepted. The hand of love and acceptance that you extended – and was taken.
    The goal is not to cross the finish line all nice and neat. but to come in used up, leaking oil, on fire, out of fuel, sliding sideways,
    Yelling: “WEEE!”

  2. I feel the need to comment on this and say: you should not become an office drone. This is because you will spend exorbitant amounts of time on the interweb, and who knows what kind of crazy thoughts it will turn your mind to! I also distinctly remember you saying (yelling), “I am not a circus pony!” once, so that’s out. Everything else is fair game. Especially unicorn. As long as that unicorn is also a world traveler. Miss ya bunches.

  3. Em, Don’t worry about the number of socks just don’t forget your blanket to wrap around your head as you sleep. I’m excited to learn how God leads you as you share the love of Christ with the least of these. Love ya bunches! Aunt Kim

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