Where Am I?

I can’t stay in one place for very long. I consider sleeping to be an aerobic activity and as a child my mother was perpetually annoyed with my twitchy, wiggly nature. This has lead me on many wonderful adventures all over the world (living in India, Israel, and Lebanon amongst them). Ask me about them sometime, I love to tell the stories.

My next last journey was to the Federative Republic of  Brazil (part: unknown Belo Horizonte, Minais Gerais).

New home!

The country with the largest population of Portuguese speakers in the world. It is the largest national economy in Latin America. One of the national beverages is coffee (cue deepening of my coffee addiction). The Brazilian national soccer team is one of the strongest in the world and the only one to have played in every World Cup.

My current location is Billings, Montana.

Billings is located approximately at the head of the shovel.

Located in the region know as the EasternPlains, it is the largest city in Montana with over 160,000 residents. It is home to one of the biggest Americorps programs in the country. It is also home to 10 microbreweries and an amazing food scene.


One response to “Where Am I?

  1. My dear sweet, twitchy child,
    I love your wiggly and adventurous spirit! May your stay in Lebanon be filled with glorious opportunity! And may you return to us interested in living a bit nearer to your family. Because, if you give a girl a passport, she needs a home to go with it!
    Love, Mom

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