Saying of Good-Bye

When we last left our fearless missionary, she was doing battle with an army of children bent on testing all the adults boundaries. It was a long and drawn out fight. Full of come-down-from-that-tree’s and silencio‘s. I am pleased to report that the battle is won: I survived the year, the kids survived the year, and no one was irreparably damaged.

So far, leaving the project has been anti-climactic. My leaving has coincided with the end of the year. The hub-bub of the year end wrap up and the holidays and impending summer vacation helped me get lost in the shuffle.

Which is okay by me. I don’t feel like a big good-bye would give me much closure because I’m not sure there is much closure to be had. I’ve always been, despite the warmth and hospitality of Brazilians, been an outsider. Especially here, in the extremely small community I live in, part of being an outsider has been the knowledge that I can’t weave myself into the fabric of the community here as totally as I wish too. There is just not enough time…

So, I came. I loved on a whole bunch of kids. Learned a whole bunch about myself. Maybe taught some English. Learned some Portuguese. And now it is time for me to go.

Still… dang, I’m gonna miss my kids.

Dressed and ready for the Christmas Pageant. Left to Right: Rhuan, Amanda, Me, Angela, Erica

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